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Niche Websites Ideas

Niche Websites are special websites which offer knowledge in specific areas. There are some areas where you will find very less or no information on Internet. If you wish to make money using websites, you must make a niche website. Niche websites work well, as they attract very high traffic and are favored by advertisers also. Advertisers know that these websites have dedicated traffic, so they prefer to provide banners which are relevant. Webmaster earn from traffic, as well as advertisements.

Niche websites have very few competitors, so it's easy to get higher listing on webpage. Getting your website within first two pages is very easy if you have a niche website. When you choose your niche you must be careful, so as to take something that is within top 1 percentile of all traffic. You can choose a niche by first choosing a theme. Once you know a theme, you can narrow down a niche also. If you are not sure if you have niche at hand, compare it to say history of Zulus. History of Zulus is a niche area. Is your topic something like that?

You can find a niche by looking at lists of Google keywords also. Look at most popular keywords. That will give you some idea as to what is a popular area. Once you know that, you can break it down to smaller niche area. Once you have got a niche, you can develop content for it. Becoming an expert on niche is easy, if you are motivated sufficiently.

Let us look at some popular niche websites.

Poems for greeting cards : This website has lot of content around poems used in greeting cards. If you are looking for special poem for a special occasion or special person, this website will help you find something. If you write very well and you think that your words will bring joy to people, you can write for them.

Ghost stories : This niche area has lot of interest but very few authentic websites. You can begin by adding verified instances, scientific theories and investigations. People across all cultures and geographies believe in ghosts.

Lamps : Lamps and other decorative items are also a niche category. You can look at something special like Mist lamps. There are few websites that have good information on various types of mist lamps and places where you can buy them.

There are many other niche topics that you can work on. Once you have developed a niche website, you need to track how the traffic is growing. You can take feedback from visitors to improve it further and see how you can constantly innovate. You should look at other competitor websites also. That ways you will know what new information they have got. Slowly you will get into a pattern which will help you grow your niche website faster and make more money. Niche websites are one of the most popular and sure shot ways of succeeding on Internet.